Momentum coaching was born out of a desire to see leaders gain momentum in their lives. 

Eric Smith is founder of Momentum Coaching, he brings seventeen years of leadership experience, with ten of those years as a Senior Pastor. His Senior Leadership includes being the co-founder of Vertical Church, a church plant in Mississippi that became one of the fastest growing churches in Mississippi and grew to four campuses. During that same time period, Eric co-founded the 242 Network.

The 242 Network is a church-planting network that assesses, trains, and coaches church planters primarily in Mississippi, but also around North America. During his time as the 242 Network Director, the team developed church planter assessments, training, and coaching. The staff team of 242 Network grew to eight employees with an incredible track record of effectiveness.

After almost seven years of leadership as a church planter and the 242 Network Director, Eric took on the task of revitalizing Vaughn Forest Church in Montgomery, AL, a church that had been declining for almost eight consecutive years. Under Eric’s leadership, the church saw the momentum change and within a year and a half, Vaughn Forest was named to Outreach Magazine’s “100 Fastest Growing Churches in America” being ranked the 55th fastest growing church in America.

Ten years ago, Eric started being coached and it was transformational. This led him on a journey of coaching a large number of leaders over the past decade. Momentum coaching was created to offer life changing coaching to more leaders. 


Dr. Eric Smith

Dr. Eric Smith