Momentum Model

Momentum Overview Final

The Five Key Elements of Momentum

  1. Big Picture Process – This element is the process to get your whole leadership team on the same page and moving in the same direction.
  • Big Picture tool brings clarity around the organizations purpose statement, core values, the overall direction, and the future vision. This tool has ten questions that the leadership team answers and revisits every three months to process back through together. 
  1. Team – This element has two tools that have been designed to help your team members have vision and value alignment as well as preform better.
  • The Bus Ticket tool helps determine if the right people are on the bus and if they are in right seats on the bus.
  • The Good vs. Great Individual tool helps each team member evaluate their schedule and responsibilities to maximize his or her schedule. We believe this will strengthen each team member to be more effective and efficient in their leadership role.
  1. Culture – This element is essential in helping shape the desired culture aligned with the core values you want on your leadership team and the culture you want within the church body as a whole. These tools help grow a healthy church culture.
  • The Culture Carrier tool is designed strategically builds Culture Carriers on your leadership team through relational trust, understanding, and cultural alignment.
  • The Culture Shaper tool is designed to develop a multisensory strategy and delivery system to communicate the church core values in memorable and innovative ways.
  1. Measures – This element is used to help the church determine what is great over what is good as well as determining what actually is important to measure for success.
  • The Dashboard tool will assist your team in determining what you want numbers are important for your to track. We believe it needs to be in alignment with your values and vision. It needs to be more than simply nickels and noses.
  • The Good vs. Great Organization tool helps the whole staff team take the church calendar to determine if their area of ministry and the church as a whole is doing what is Great over what is Good or even Bad. 
  1. Momentum – This element is the bread and butter because it is what makes the engine run week in and week our as well as each quarter. This element that truly helps the church get things done and move toward their long-range goals. It is the main thing that helps you gain and keep momentum.
  • The 100 Minute Meeting tool is the key to making the week happen and helps the team execute the Big Picture Process that was defined at the beginning of the Momentum journey. The 100 Minute Meeting also helps build incredible accountability as each team member has Quarterly ITA’s to accomplish and clearly defined To Do’s that are determined each week in the 100 Minute Meeting.